On The Street, Via Dante, Milano, Italia via Instagram

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On The Street, Via Dante, Milano, Italia

On The Street, Via Dante, Milano, Italia via Instagram

I have never been one to practice street photography much, probably because I’m too self-conscious about it and worry about bad reactions from people. 

That said, one afternoon we pulled up at a kiosk to rest our feet and have a snack while we waited to meet family for dinner. 
Via Dante is a large, wide, now pedestrian-only Avenue in central Milan, right near a major subway station. It is a main location for the evening passeggiata or evening stroll so familiar in Italian towns of all sizes. 

This location allowed me to casually sit and capture people as they strolled by without attracting too much attention to myself, so I felt comfortable enough to try out some spontaneous street photography. 

What’s interesting is that these photos bring back some of the fondest memories as they make me feel I am there again more than any photos of dusty history or buildings. 

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