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On Thia Day On My Word...

2020 - LEGO Millenium Falcon Detail via Instagram
Also from 2019 - Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine with mosaic tile artwork over the door via Instagram
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2017 - On YouTube: Intro To Laser Cutting
2017 - On YouTube: Introduction to the Laser Cutter
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2017 - Pepper Tree Trunk
2017 - Tulips
2016 - Shining yellow faces @descansogardens #flowers #yellowflowers #yellow #plants #nature #outdoors #garden #gardenersnotebook via Instagram [Photo]
2016 - Portrait of @douglaswelch in ToonPAINT #portrait #illustration #toonpaint #bw #blackandwhite #app #artistic #people #face via Instagram [Photo]

Waiting… via Instagram

March 4th, 2019

What are you waiting for? Share in the comments!

Waiting... via Instagram


The family is waiting on a train just like they might have in the ’40s. Union Station is such a throwback but I love that it is the connection point for commuter and national rail and also 2 major subway lines here in Los Angeles. What a great way to keep a grand piece of architecture vibrant and productive.

Like many others, I am always struck with the architecture of Union Station and the hustle and bustle to be found there. 

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