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Home > Art-Architecture, History, Italy-Sicily, Photos-Photography, Travel, UK/Europe > Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine and Piazza via Instagram

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine and Piazza via Instagram

March 2nd, 2019

Could your city or town us a piazza? Share in the comments!

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine and Piazza via Instagram

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine and Piazza

Another amazing part of Italian life is the piazza — the outdoor living room of Italian towns large and small. 

I sat at the cafe here, having my espresso and chocolate crossing and watching the world go by — a wonderful thing to do at any time of day. 

I remember this day specifically as I walked into the cafe and ordered a ”caffe, per favore.” As I am clearly NOT and Italian and with Milano being a big tourist town, he responded ”Caffe normale?” This was my cue to use my somewhat limited and strangely accented Italian to say let him know I spoke a few words and, indeed, wanted the usual coffee that the Milanese drink. He was quite happy I spoke Italian and I explained that my wife’s family was Italian so I had to learn the language a bit. 

This happened again and again in Milan and led to some great conversations in both English and Italian with shopkeepers, bar owners, and restauranteurs throughout my trip. 

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