“Walking The Night” – Columbia, Missouri via Instagram

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“Walking The Night” via Instagram

“Walking The Night”

Walking in the city at night is always such a different experience than walking it during the day. You happen upon scenes that don’t occur at any other time of day. They surprise you. In the dark you don’t see the scenes coming, they are suddenly just thrust upon you in the glow of the street lamp or the glare of car headlamps.

My inherent fear of the dark means that I don’t often go walking in wilder areas, but the pools of light found in the city offer me refuge in the surrounding darkness and I get by. 

My favorite times to walk are during the full moon or on those cloud covered nights when the city lights are reflected back to earth and night almost turns into day. Then I get the best of both worlds. Shadows still conceal much but the moonlight shows off smaller scenes and highlights.

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