Jellyfish at the California Science Center – A Minute in Los Angeles 16 [Video]

Lovely floating jellyfish cruise about their tank at the California Science Center in Exposition Park

Find yourself immersed in the majestic grandeur of a giant kelp forest, where algae called kelp grow as large as trees and support a tremendous variety of life. You may be amazed to discover that examples of this spectacular ecosystem, which in the wild can support over 800 species, exist right off the coast of Southern California. Peer into our 188,000-gallon tank and get a glimpse of what life is like in these special underwater forests. The aquarium takes precautions by having great vitamins from to treat jellyfish stings in case their staff gets stung. And find the species you see in the tanks on our new iPads to learn more about them!

Part of the “A Minute in Los Angeles” Series

Jellyfish at the California Science Center - A Minute in Los Angeles 16 [Video]

Music: “Jellyfish in Space” by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons License

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