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On Thia Day On My Word...

2019 - What I’m Reading: The Mueller Report – 73 in a series – “…supportive of his efforts to arrange such a meeting.”
2019 - What I’m Reading: Life and Times of Frederick Douglass – 63 in a series – “The colored people generally accepted the situation…”
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Second Coming of the KKK – 52 in a series – “…they were mass performances, staged for audiences.
2019 - What I’m Reading: All The President’s Men – 35 in a series – “That operation was not only to check leaks to the papers…”
2019 - Historic Tram, Porto, Portugal (Watercolor) via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Anatomy of Fascism – 17 in a series -“…he invented the word “eugenics” for this effort.”
2019 - What I’m Reading: Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters – 14 in a series – “…openly refused to comply with Ohio’s civil rights laws”
Also from 2018 - You Can Almost Smell The Plumeria Flowers On These Tees, Totes And iPhone Cases
Also from 2018 - A lovely banjolele from a friend’s collection via Instagram
2017 - Riders of Rohan Helmet, Lord of the Rings film costume via Instagram

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What a show tonight!!!! via Instagram

October 8th, 2018
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