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On Thia Day On My Word...

2019 - What I’m Reading: The Mueller Report – 71 in a series – “…Polonskaya offered to help Papadopoulos establish contacts in Russia…”
2019 - What I’m Reading: Life and Times of Frederick Douglass – 61 in a series – “…Rhode Island, I do not forget that I suffered much rough usage within her borders.”
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Second Coming of the KKK – 50 in a series – “…the Klan exaggerated its size…”
2019 - What I’m Reading: All The President’s Men – 33 in a series – “…Deep Throat had talked about how politics had infiltrated every corner of government…”
2019 - Tile Mural, Igreja do Carmo, Porto, Portugal via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Anatomy of Fascism – 15 in a series – “…Europeans that their civilization itself, with its promise of peace and progress, had failed.“
2019 - What I’m Reading: Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters – 12 in a series – “…many used such memories to fuel their passion for racial justice.”
Also from 2018 - NEW DESIGN – Memories of Milan on iPhone Cases, Totes, Laptop Sleeves and Much More!
Also from 2018 - Doorways of Milano via Instagram
Also from 2018 - Just around the corner via Instagram

Home > Art-Architecture, History, Italy-Sicily, Photos-Photography, Travel, UK/Europe > The Octagonal Dome of Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio via Instagram

The Octagonal Dome of Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio via Instagram

October 4th, 2018
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