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Home > Books, Nature/Outdoors, Recommendation, Wildlife > Reading – This is Taco! by Andrew Cangelose (Author),‎ Josh Shipley (Artist) – 17 in a series

Reading – This is Taco! by Andrew Cangelose (Author),‎ Josh Shipley (Artist) – 17 in a series

May 1st, 2018

I’ll be highlighting books that I am reading (or re-reading) on all sorts of topics this year — Douglas

Reading – This is Taco! by Andrew Cangelose (Author),‎ Josh Shipley (Artist) – 17 in a series

How about a little respite from adult books this week with this excellent, delightful and beautifully drawn children’s book, This is Taco! This is a great companion book if you have squirrels in your garden. It lets kids learn about squirrels while also enjoying a funny tale…and who doesn’t love tacos?

Having read MANY children’s books over the years, This is Taco! would have been a wonderful one to have back in the days when Joseph was a child. It is fun, humorous and has a silly, yet lovable, character. The artwork is engaging and really brings out the personality of the main character. The best praise I can offer is that I don’t think I would have minded reading this one over and over to my child and I think you’ll find that true for you, too. Pick up a copy for your kids, your nieces, your nephews, your friend’s kids and more!

Taco 1

Taco 2

Taco 3


This is a squirrel . . . “Hey, I may be a squirrel, but my name is Taco! And I don’t eat nuts and tree bark—blech—I prefer tacos!” The natural predator of squirrels is . . . “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who is writing this book? I do not like where this is going.” This hilarious send-up of a children’s nature primer teaches kids that the most important story is the one you write yourself.

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