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TV Worth Watching: The Doctor Blake Mysteries

October 18th, 2017

TV Worth Watching: The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Another in a long line of mystery shows I love, The Doctor Blake Mysteries comes from Australia. The show follows the life of Dr. Lucian Blake, recently returned to Australia after living — and working in intelligence in Shanghai during World War II. His life there was thrown into turmoil when he was captured by the Japanese and imprisoned, losing touch with this his Chinese wife and young daughter.

Dr. Blake is a bit unconventional for the small, Gold Rush town of Ballarat in the 1950s. He works as a police surgeon for the local force, but find himself often in conflict with his coworkers and townspeople. The stories, acting,  writing, and production are top-notch.

Season 5 of the series (its last)  is currently airing in Australia, but Seasons 1-3 are available via Netflix and 1-4  available for sale on Amazon. The Dr. Blake Mysteries also airs on many public television stations in the US.

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