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2019 - Doing my husbandly duty recording @drrosannewelch Presenting her Talk – The Sisterhood of Science Fiction via Instagram
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2018 - A start to a Friday evening dinner in Magnolia Park via My Instagram
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2016 - Pink Rose #nofilter #pinkrose #rose #rosa #closeup #garden #gardenersnotebook #plants #nature #pink via Instagram [Photo]
2016 - Sakura (桜の花) cards and much more exclusively from Douglas E. Welch via Instagram [Photo]

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9 Books To Read If You Struggle With Anxiety via Romper

April 29th, 2017

I have had issues with anxiety all my life and I have recently begun looking for some ways of mitigating its effects. Here is a collection of 9 books (plus 2 recently recommended to me) to help you cope when anxiety in your life gets to be a bit too much. — Douglas

Read 9 Books To Read If You Struggle With Anxiety via Romper

Recommended to me, but not included in the linked article

I am currently reading My Age of Anxiety and I am in the 4th week of the Mindfulness program as outlined in the second book

Books included in the linked article

* A portion of each sale from directly supports our blogs
** Many of these books may be available from your local library. Check it out! 

An interesting link found among my daily reading

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