3-Ingredient Happy Hour: The Blackberry Lavender Fizz via Lifehacker

It’s time for Summer cocktails and this combination of blackberry, lavender and gin could be your porch sipper of the season. While I wouldn’t normally drink lavender soda by itself, I can see how it brings a unique note to the cocktail. Here in Los Angeles we can easily find Dry Lavender Soda at a nearby BevMo or other liquor stores. Yet another cocktail to try out. I think I have a list here somewhere. (LAUGH) — Douglas
Basically, I wanted something that was a little fruity, a little floral, and as pretty as an Easter egg. Though it initially seemed slightly ambitious, I was able to craft such a beverage using just three, flavorful ingredients, and the result was quite the porch-pounder. Bonus: This beverage can be built right in the glass, saving you time and dishes.

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