Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is the next great show from Netflix Japan via The Verge

I enjoyed Midnight Diner immensely and I recommend it to anyone I know who subscribes to Netflix. It’s in Japanese, with English subtitles, so you can’t just have it on in the background, but each 30 minute episode is worth the time focusing on it and immersing yourself in this tiny little Japanese world. I am eagerly awaiting the next season. Check it out! — Douglas
Terrace House has become Netflix Japan’s breakout international hit — and with good reason — but for my money it runs second place to another of the streaming service’s Japanese shows. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories follows the owner and clientele of a tiny Tokyo restaurant, telling short, touching stories of family, friendship, and humanity in the heart of urban sprawl.

PS…Another great Japanese show I enjoyed on Netflix was Atelier.

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