15 Tortellini Recipes That Will Reaffirm Your Love for Pasta via Brit + Co

Several recipes I plan on trying from this article including Sausage Pesto Tortellini Casserole, Crispy Tortellini Bites With Creamy Tomato Sauce and One-Skillet Chicken Sausage Tortellini — and probably a couple more. Yum! — Douglas
Pasta is a staple for a reason. Whether you’re making romantic pasta recipes for your significant other, enjoying a bowl of gluten-free goodness all to yourself, or making some in the slow cooker for the fam, there’s so much to love in every al dente bite. But if you’re looking for something easy, chances are you’ve had more than your fair share of simple spaghetti and penne with red sauce. Don’t let yourself get bored — swap the standards for tortellini, so you can continue to enjoy pasta night just as much as ever. These 15 recipes show how easy it is to use tortellini to make even the quickest weeknight meals fulfill all of your pasta dreams.    
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