Noted: Photos: Los Angeles’ Glorious Bunny Museum Reopens In Altadena

Noted: Photos: Los Angeles' Glorious Bunny Museum Reopens In Altadena

MOMA, the Centre Pompidou, the Tate Modern, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are all trash museums. Only one true museum exists in the world, and it stands above all others with its commitment to True Aesthetic Purpose. If Plato were alive right now, he would only have one example for the ideal of displaying objects:The Bunny Museum.This beacon of finer things has been closed for the past month in order to move from its original Pasadena location to a larger location in Altadena. Now with room to roam, the Bunny Museum can embrace its full status as the only museum worth anyone’s time. The museum originally opened in 1993, and by 1999 it won the Guinness World Record for Most Bunny Items (at the time, that clocked in at 8,437, according to the Pasadena Star-News). The museum now flexes 33,000 items and continues to grow every day. The owners, Candace Frazee and Steven Lubanski, gift each other new items on a daily basis, according to NBC. They are also collectively known as Lubanzee, according to their Facebook: (Lub(anski) + (b)unn(ies) + (Fra)zee).

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