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Perhaps it is our trips to Sicily that make us prefer prosecco over other sparkling wines, but I think it also has to do with the difference in flavor profile from traditional French Champagne and American Sparkling Wines. We prefer a slightly sweeter taste to our sparklers and prosecco almost always seems to provide that. 

You don’t need a special occasion for prosecco either. It is inexpensive enough to keep a bottle on the fridge all the time for spontaneous sharing with friends and family and yet the bubbles offer something more special something different from standard red or white wines. In fact, prosecco is one of the few white wines my wife will drink. She is a very traditional Sicilian in preferring the heavy, dark, smoky red wines whether sipping a glass on its own or pairing it with a large bowl of pasta.

If you haven’t checked out prosecco lately, give it a try. Your local BevMo or other local wine store is sure to have a wide variety available.  

Prosecco Sparkling Wine


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