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2019 - Old or new? via Instagram
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2019 - Porch, Byers-Evans House, Denver, Colorado via Instagram
Also from 2016 - Neighborhood Succulents via @prisma #garden #succulent #cactus #plants #nature via Instagram [Photo]
Also from 2016 - Clytostoma flowers #garden #flower #plants #nature #outdoors #grow via Instagram [Photo]
Also from 2016 - Grass in the #garden #plants #nature #grass via Instagram [Photo]

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Sicily Trip 2016 Album 1 [Photos]

August 6th, 2016

Here is the beginning of our photos from our recent family trip to Sicily. This is our 4th trip to Sicily, but we took the time to see quite a few new locations on the island. I’ll be posting new photos every day or so. As usual, I took quite a lot of photos, so this could take a while.

Family sicily onboard

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