TV Worth Watching: Autumnwatch 2015 from the BBC

Autumnwatch (web site) is one iteration of an annual series from BBC2 in the UK and I absolutely love it. You can find clips of the series from past years on YouTube (See this YouTube search for Autumnwatch and Springwatch). I would love to do something like this here in the US. There is so much diversity in the US that there are possibilities for regional editions in hundreds of places across the US, each with the own unique flora and fauna.

Most of the video on the site is “region-locked” to only be viewable in the UK/Europe, but there is a lot of other great information there.

Autumnwatch 2015 from the BBC

Here is a silly clip from this year’s Autumwatch

…and an episode of Springwatch 2015 to give you a sense of the format of the series.

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