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2019 - Historical Cooking Books – 36 in a series – Camping and camp cooking (1909) by Frank Amasa Bates
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Mueller Report – 67 in a series – “…the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government…”
2019 - What I’m Reading: Life and Times of Frederick Douglass – 57 in a series – “Tell your story, Frederick”
2019 - Full Moon Over Foz via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Second Coming of the KKK – 46 in a series – “…an aggressive, state-of-the-art sales approach to recruitment.”
2019 - What I’m Reading: All The President’s Men – 29 in a series – “…reporting only to the White House.”
2019 - Fifteen via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Anatomy of Fascism – 11 in a series – “…consider the reactions of ordinary Germans to the events of Kristallnacht…”
2019 - What I’m Reading: Race, Riots, and Roller Coasters – 8 in a series – “…in a circular argument, segregation needed to be maintained to prevent violence.“
2018 - Historical Cooking Books: – Our home cyclopedia. Cookery and housekeeping by Edgar S Darling (1889) – 12 in a series

Home > Photos-Photography > Through the trees #tree #garden #plants #nature #blackandwhite #outdoors #sun #sunlight via Instagram [Photo]

Through the trees #tree #garden #plants #nature #blackandwhite #outdoors #sun #sunlight via Instagram [Photo]

September 30th, 2015
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