In The Kitchen: Cast Iron Cookware (and a cornbread recipe)

Once I learned to cook with cast iron pans, I have found uses for them nearly everywhere. Sure, I love my non-stick pans for eggs, fish, and other sticky foods, but when it comes to pancakes, cornbread, seared meats or — OMG, yum, yum, yum, — sausage gravy, cast iron is where I turn. I have both a cast iron skillet (a gift from a friend) and a cast iron griddle for pancakes, grilled sandwiches and such.

These pans are well-seasoned, so they are almost as non-stick as some of my other pans. Seasoning isn’t difficult and there are ton of resources online with advice on seasoning your own pans. Sure, they’re heavy and a bit hard to store, but cast iron pans are the perfect tool for some very specific tasks in your kitchen.

Cast iron pans

My cast iron skillet and griddle

Cornbread Recipe and Video

A large collection of cast iron utensils from

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