In The Kitchen: Tabasco Brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce

I was never a big fan of Tabasco sauce over the years, but recently I discovered this smoked chipotle version of Tabasco sauce and I was sold. As I have gotten older, I have sought out spicier food and sauces. I’ve never been one to understand the desire of some to blow out their taste buds with insanely hot peppers and sauces. I still want to taste my food, I just want to enhance it with the sauce. 

Tabasco bottle

This Tabasco is excellent for enhancing the flavor of many foods. I have used it on pizza, as a topping to my homemade chili, over homemade nachos, tacos and burritos and in tomato soup. As you can see here, I think it compliments tomato-based dishes the most, but you might find it useful elsewhere, too.

I am always amazed when something so small can improve the state of my kitchen and wonder how I hadn’t discovered it before. Try it out when you get a chance and spice up your life just a little.

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