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Audio: Douglas talks Podcasting on The Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast

November 26th, 2014


Last week I sat down with Frank Castaneda of the Struggling Entrepreneur to talk podcasting, being a pioneer podcaster and more. It’s always great to talk about podcasting, especially the exciting early days.

 Listen to the entire interview(~45 mins)

Baby Boomer Douglas E. Welch of the very first podcasters in the podosphere (since September, 2004) was also one of the very first New Media content producers who standardized in (1) repurposing content from a written column or blog: and (2) using screencasts to provide additional value to all 6 of his early podcast shows; and (3) taking a lead in organizing virtual events in the Bar-Camp style of un-conferences.

Douglas had his first podcast, Career Opportunities, and then added 5 more shows to become a prolific podcaster in multiple genres — from business, careers, gardening, finance, and high-tech discussions.

His current podcasts are available for subscription at

His background is creative and not conventional — he was a THEATER major in college, but he was successful as an Entrepreneur for many years with his freelance computer-and-LAN installation-and-support business.

As you will hear in this audio episode, crawling under tables and desks to install or unclog the coils of cable that grow in IT locations was something less than desirable. So he decided to go into helping others with counsel, advice, public speaking, presentations and consulting for New Media, including screencasting, podcasting, video, blogging and other New Media areas. In addition, he is the author of 5 published books on and other publishers.

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