Noted: 15 Great Cookbooks for Fall via DesignSponge

In my experience, you only get one or two great recipes out of every cookbook, so that means you need to look at a lot of different cookbooks to find great recipes for your kitchen.  This post was from DesignSponge certainly provides a great place to start for any recipe search.  I’ll be looking at my local library for each of these cookbooks,  to see what each one to offer, and only then, perhaps, adding a few of them to my own, personal cookbook collection. — Douglas

15 Great Cookbooks for Fall via DesignSponge

15 Great Cookbooks for Fall via DesignSponge has

Spending my time with someone who works in cookbook writing and testing has made me look at books in a whole new way. My own experience with books made me appreciate the hard work that goes into the organization, but to see first-hand how much testing and skill goes into each recipe makes me have a whole new level of respect for cookbook authors. We’ve been so fortunate to see some gorgeous books come across our desk at work lately, so I thought I’d share some of my personal favorites that I plan to be cooking from over the holiday break. 

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