Douglas’ Neat Friends: Home Sweet Jerome by Diane Rapaport

We were first introduced to Jerome and Diane Rapaport in the late 1990’s by our mutual friend, JoAnn. We had heard so much about Jerome and nearby, Sedona, that we simply had to visit. Jerome’s history, both recent and distant intrigued us greatly and we found there a very special world filled with deep history, art of all sorts and interesting, welcoming people, like Diane.

Douglas' Neat Friends: Diane Rapaport's Home Sweet Jerome

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I remember meeting at Diane’s office — the old music classroom in one of the re-purposed schools in Jerome — where we talking about blogging, social media, podcasting and more while i scribbled my thoughts on the huge blackboards in the room. We ended up visiting Jerome nearly every year for a while until parenthood and other responsibilities reduced the frequency of our trips. It is still one of those places I make a point to visit whenever I am in the area, though. Jerome is s very special place. Life feels just a bit different there – high up on the hillside looking out across the scrubland plains to the Red Rocks of Sedona.

I have been reading excerpts of Home Sweet Jerome on Diane’s web site and have love learning more about the town and especially the people who made it what it is today.

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  1. So sweet, Doug. Thank you. I too remember those happy times in home sweet Jerome. . .and at your beautiful home and garden. Someday I’ll be visiting JoAnn again in LA and look forward to getting together.

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