Unseasonable Weather – End of the Day for August 3, 2014

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For the last few days, the weather has been more reminiscent of my Ohio childhood than Southern California. The humidity has been stifling and it has even rained a bit — something very rare for July and August. We typically don’t see any rain until late October or early November most years. This weather has my wife and I turning to each other and declaring it an “Ohio Day,” as she feels the similarity, too.

This weather turns my mind to long summer days with large family get-to getters, county fairs and nights spent at the drive-in movie theater. It slows my thoughts and addles my mind. The dry at can do that too but that is typically because it saps my energy by burning me out. I can be like living in a sauna sometimes and that brings about an entirely different feeling.

Thunderstorm and Rainbows

I always do my best thinking — and my best work — when it is cooler. The 70’s are just about perfect. I also enjoy when it is a bit breezy. I don’t need high winds, but a nice breeze through the trees is always nice. I am not sure where I developed an affinity for wind, but I have always liked it. I think it might be linked to those long, oppressive Ohio days and nights when the air seemed immovable. On the worst days I likened it to breathing cotton candy or cutting through the air with a knife like an old Looney Tunes cartoon.

While I look of forward to the drop in humidity coming this week, I do wish the heat would break overall. I think, since we had such a pleasant summer so far, the late summer and really Fall is probably destined to be hot, hot and hotter. I think a few trips to the mountains and the sea are in order to provide some respite.

So, the fans will be running tonight, if not the air conditioner. We try to only run the AC when we really need it, due to both preference and cost. The fans can usually draw in cooler air on most nights and at least provide some movement to break up the stillness.

Times change and so does the weather, thankfully, so a sticky night tonight won’t last forever. The Earth will turn and before too long we will all be complaining about the rain and the cold. It’s just human nature, after all.

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