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2019 - The Library of Congress Needs Help Transcribing 16,000 Pages of Suffragist Diaries, Letters, and Documents via Mental Floss
2019 - Cherish These Vintage Book Art Cards and More From Douglas E. Welch Design and Photography [For Sale]
2019 - What I’m Reading: Farewell to Manzanar – 4 in a series – U.S. Supreme Court rules that loyal citizens cannot be held in detention camps
2019 - What I’m Reading: How Did Hitler Happen? – 8 in a series – “…the party had a newspaper, an official flag, and a private army…”
2019 - Architectural Detail, Colorado State Capitol, Denver via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: Silver Like Dust – 8 in a series – Japanese immigrants were not legally allowed to become citizens.
2019 - Linoleum, Victorian-era Wallpaper, Byers-Evans House, Denver, Colorado via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: The Mueller Report – 21 in a series – “…social media pages that claimed (falsely) to be affiliated with U.S. political and grassroots organizations”
2019 - Fontana dei Baci, Milano, Italia via Instagram
2019 - What I’m Reading: Life and Times of Frederick Douglass – 9 in a series – “…that men whose malign and brutal propensities preponderate over their moral and intellectual endowments”

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Photo: Santa Agatha, Catania, Sicily

July 31st, 2014
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