Friends and Podcasting Plans for the Dog Days of Podcasting – End of the Day for July 28, 2014

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An unplanned visit from family friends today put me off my schedule a bit, but it is always important to remember to take a some time to just exist for a while. Work can subsume everything else that we do and overwhelm any sense of life or balance. When I get “heads-down” on a project, the world can disappear and I can work just a bit too hard. I wake up one morning just mentally beat and wonder what happened. I did it to myself, of course, but we can all get lost in our work without realizing it. We sat and talked, visit PizzaRev for dinner and then shared birthday cake with our long time friend Liam C. I met Liam during my first semester of college, just about the same time I Rosanne, so it is am important relationship to maintain. We have seen much together and I expect will se much more in the coming years. Cheers, Liam!

This means, though, that I needed to sit down a little later than usual to write up my thoughts on the day and finish a few tasks that are usually done earlier in the day. That can make it seem a little overwhelming — so much to be done before bed time. Still, I have found it important to capture my thoughts each day. I think it helps me frame my days well and gets things off my mind so I can sleep well. I highly recommend it for each of you, too. You can write text such as this or record audio, video, dictate into your phone, whatever makes the most sense for you. We all have our own preferences. It is more important that you do it, rather than how you do it — as I often say about a lot of things in life.

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Next week I will be adding another element to this daily madness(?) when we begin this year’s edition of The Dog Days of Podcasting. This is a 30 podcasts in 30 day challenge where podcasters look back to the earlier days of podcast and try to capture some of the magic of time. We focus on newly created content, typically audio (although I will probably do a few videos, too). Much of this is slice of life material, audio blogs, interviews with friend and family — many of which I have been wanting to interview for a while — comedy, music, whatever strikes out fancy over the 30 days. I’ll be posting these podcasts on the Careers in New Media blog and sharing some of other blogs as they fit the topic and theme. You can find out more about The Dog Days of Podcasting — and even join in — on the web site. I hope you’ll check out my podcasts and some of the other folks, too.

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