Let’s focus on the good – End of the Day for June 27, 2014

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I appreciate a good conversation like a fine wine and even go out of my way to cultivate and facilitate conversation. I love talking with people about what excites them, what drives them, what makes them happy. Unfortunately, over the last several years I have noticed a trend that makes conversation less enjoyable for me.

No matter what the situation, or the people involved, or the state of the world, conversations tend towards the negative, the sad, the evil. Yes I know that all of these exist in the world, but I also know that I seek conversation as a bit of an escape from the more negative aspects of the world. Sure, I can engage in deep philosophical conversations about history, politics and life, but I need to be in the proper mindset — more prepared.

More importantly, I want to spend my limited time on Earth exploring the good things that happen — and can be made to happen. I find this a much more useful application of my time and much, much more enjoyable. Am I playing Pollyanna a bit? In some ways, yes, but in other ways, no. I think about the problems in huge world a lot, so I tend to look for opportunities to talk about the good things in life to balance this out. I also think that we are also at our best as humans when we seek the good, seek solutions, seek answers rather than revisiting the problems history itself. We all KNOW there is a problem. That is not in dispute. Once that is agreed to, we need to focus on ways to solve the problems and insure they never happen again.

Yet, more and more conversations turn dark lately. They weigh on my mood and my attitudes. I struggle to maintain a positive outlook, but it can be difficult when surrounded by the negative, the dark. Again, I know it can’t be avoided, nor should it be, but I still think we would all be better to focus on the good, the right, and improving this world for everyone. Think about that the next time you are having a conversation.


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