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Noted: ActiviTea tea-brewing travel mug from ThinkGeek

May 29th, 2014

ActiviTea tea-brewing travel mug from ThinkGeek


A way to steep that’s not too steep 

You wouldn’t like us before our first cup of tea has had time to absorb into our system. We’re downright cranky and irritable about that whole “waking up” business. But once we’ve wrapped our hands around a warm cup and smelled the aroma of our favorite blend, things start to look up. Life just wouldn’t be the same without our caffeine of choice.

The ActiviTea is an elegant way to brew your favorite loose-leaf tea on-the-go. (If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea yet, don’t wait any longer! Be prepared to blow your mind and tastebuds.) Put your leaves in the top and hot water in the bottle, screw the lid on tight, and flip it over. (We recommend you try this the first time over a sink. Just in case.) When it’s done steeping, flip it back upright. Voila. You have one tumbler full of take-it-with-you tea. Remove the leaves and enjoy!

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