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Of marriages and interests – End of the Day for May 13, 2014

May 13th, 2014

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Rosanne and I had a nice day today, being able to spend it together, which is uncommon for us during the workweek. We are usually headed in opposite directions with our days, she to the several colleges where she teaches and myself here in the home office or off to see clients or meetings. Today, though, I went with to Cal Poly Pomona to record her second presentation on Doctor Who. For years now, we have tried to arrange our schedules so we could always have a flexible schedule, both for each other and for Joseph. We might end up working on a weekend, but we were almost always available during the week for school events and pickups.

As much as we have always been there for each other over the last 28 years of marriage, we have alas realized that there are interests we don’t share. While I greatly respect her work in both television and academe, it don’t profess to have any deep interests there myself. Both areas don’t deeply attract me and that has led to some conflict over the years. The same can be said about Rosanne and my predilection for all things technological. She sees technology as a tool, not a passion as I do. Again, this has sometimes led to disagreements

Of course, this is simply a part of marriage. There will be those things you have in common and those you don’t. The important thing is to recognize these differences and the seek to find those things that you DO have in common. Then you can spend your time together in those pursuits and still be able to take time alone to pursue your own individual interests. If you struggle with the balance between these, your marriage will struggle, too.

So, today was a sharing day. I love a good presentation and the fact that it was about Doctor Who — one of our shared interests — made it all the better. I also love seeing Rosanne doing what I think she is best at — teaching. She has a knack for it, which isn’t that common and it is always a pleasure seeing a good workman at their chosen work!

Tomorrow she’ll be off teaching history and I will be spending my days writing, blogging and sharing about technology, new media and more. The evening will bring us back together again to share more common interests and the cycle will continue for years to come. Apart, then together in our lives and our interests.

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