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Photo: Fear… Remember that when people lash out at something, it is out of fear. Fear of change. Fear of the new. Fear of their place in the world. Help them to not be afraid. via Instagram

April 27th, 2014 Comments off

Photo: Orchids at SoCal Spring Garden Show 2014 | A Gardener’s Notebook via Instagram

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Just another work day at home — End of the Day for April 26, 2014

April 26th, 2014 Comments off

End of the day LogoWorking for yourself — in a home office — is always a bit odd, no matter how long you have done it. I have been working out of the home office for years, but today was one of those days where you aren’t really sure what day of the week it is. After our trip to garden show yesterday I have almost 200 photos and 84 video clips to sort through, select, edit, upload and blog. Since Rosanne and Joseph were off at the Botball tourney today, I had the house to myself. So instead of a Saturday, it might as well have been a Monday. I had a little breakfast and immediately set to work. About 8 hours later, they returned, we had dinner and settled in for a relatively normal evening gaming, watching TV and reading.

My office today

Not my typical office day…but sort of (SMILE)

Of course, one benefit I have that traditional workers don’t is that I can decide to take off in the middle of the week, if I want. I have a collection of tasks that need to be done everyday — blogging, posting photos. answering comments, etc — but once those are done, I can decide to walk up to the coffee shop, do a little thinking and chill for while. Then again, in this situation, you also have to force yourself to take these breaks every so often. It can be way to easy to work, work, work, as there is always something that needs to be or should be done. I am always coming up with more idea than I can possibly implement, but this also means a ready reserve of “projects” to be started if I decide to go down the work “rabbit hole.”

Tomorrow, I think, will be a more traditional Sunday “day of rest” and all that. The family is all home except for one short church event, so it will be a time to relax and prep for the coming week. I always keep my calendar in week mode, as this is the way I think about my life. I like to know what is expected in the next 7 days. Looking 1 day out is too short a time frame and my monthly calendar is so full of events I can see them all in month view!

Another trip to Santa Cruz Island

This week is looking pretty open, although we have our second trip to Santa Cruz Island this coming Saturday. We are visiting a different part of the island, so it won’t just be a repeat of our previous trip. That said, I love to get out on the ocean whenever I can. I don’t really have the desire (or funds) to own a boat myself, so when these trips arise I am always inclined to go. Add to this the fact that the trips are planned and hosted by some good friends and it makes it almost a no-brainer to sign up.

You can see my photos and video from our first trip in the links below. I think there might be a few seats left on this trip, if you are interested. Drop me a line and I will check the availability. It is a great chance to set foot on one of our less visited National Parks.

Photos: Trip to Santa Cruz Island with Friends of the Island Fox

Places LA: Video: A Trip to Santa Cruz Island with Friends of the Island Fox

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Photo: Garden Alphabet: California Flannelbush (Fremontodendron californicum) via Instagram

April 26th, 2014 Comments off

Photos: 3 Panorama from the new Ralphs Fresh Fare in Sherman Oaks, CA

April 25th, 2014 Comments off

We took a moment to check out the new Ralphs Fresh Fare at he corner of Ventura Blvd and Hazeltine on Thursday, mainly just to check out the layout and design and pick up a few items we needed anyway.

Here are 3 panoramic photos I shot of various locations within the store to give you a feeling for the space.

Click for full-sized images

New Ralphs Fresh Fare in Sherman Oaks - 1

New Ralphs Fresh Fare in Sherman Oaks - 2

New Ralphs Fresh Fare in Sherman Oaks - 3

New Ralphs Fresh Fare to Open in Sherman Oaks

– Located at 14049 Ventura Boulevard

– Creates approximately 240 jobs

– Full-service Kosher Experience Department featuring hundreds of kosher products

– Murray’s Cheese Shop with a cheese expert to help customers make selections

– New store to offer one-stop shopping convenience with new and expanded departments including Starbucks and Pharmacy

– Store to make $5,000 in donations to local schools

Photo: Money… via Instagram

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Photo: Red, Red Rose | A Gardener’s Notebook via Instagram

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A long day and a long drive — End of the Day for April 25, 2014

April 25th, 2014 Comments off

End of the day LogoI am writing a bit bleary-eyed tonight after a long day out with a rotten drive home. I have always known I was not really cut out to live in Los Angeles, but I think I have done my best to survive and thrive here. That said, traffic –especially bad traffic — is my kryptonite. It can turn me into a blubbering idiot after an hour or so and today was one of those days.

Fighting Beverly Glen traffic...again

We had a great time visiting the Southern California Spring Garden Show down in Costa Mesa, today (Free, runs through Sunday). The trip down was relatively uneventful, but coming home there was some big mess in the Sepulveda Pass that brought everything to a complete halt. I was so tired when I got home I ended up sleeping for  and hour and a half just to recover. It really knocked me out. Thank goodness I have developed a life where I don’t have to commute, but I did do it for many years. Looking back, I am not sure how I didn’t go completely mad at the time. Enough about the traffic, though. That is something that will always be with us and can only be survived. 


California Poppy – More photos and video coming soon!

This was our 3rd visit to the Southern California Spring Garden Show and it has always been an enjoyable way to spend the day. I can’t offer hard numbers, but the show seemed a bit smaller this year, than in the past. The show gardens were also not quite as dramatic as those we have seen in previous years. That said, there are lots of vendors and lots of plants to peruse and buy. I spent the entire day shooting photos and video which I will edit and release in the next few days. It was a great meditative time looking how the light caught the plants and flowers, how the people moved and mingled and the exercise of walking the entire show certainly didn’t hurt, either. Check out the show this weekend, if you get a chance. it is free, which makes it an even better deal.

This is the weekend of events for us. Rosanne and Joe are off to a BotBall robotics competition at USC tomorrow, but I am begging off to get some work done (the aforementioned photos and video, gardening, etc.) and also to recover a bit of my energy from today. Sunday looks to be a simple day, but then Monday Spring Break is over and everyone is back to work full time as the semester starts its downward trajectory to a Summer landing. It should make the next few months very, very interesting. (LAUGH)

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Photo: Southern California Spring Garden Show 2014 – More photos and video to come via Instagram

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Keeping score as I reach 300 YouTube Subscribers! – End of the Day for April 24, 2014

April 24th, 2014 Comments off

End of the day Logo

No matter what we do in life, one way that humans motivate themselves to do more inline, in career and even hobbies, is keeping score. No matter what the endeavor, we will find some way of gauging our progress towards a goal — what ever that might be.

For myself, I reached a significant milestone in my online world today, so I felt a need to share that in today’s essay. I have been working very hard on my YouTube Channel for the last year and today I reached 300 total subscribers for that channel. Subscribers are an important number–an important way of keeping score — for any YouTube creator, as these are people who have decided to receive notification whenever you post a new video. These are typically your best viewers. Not only do they follow you, they also tend to click Like more often and post useful and friendly comments. These are the people I work for each and every day, even if I might never meet them in person.

Youtube 300 2

Youtube 300 1

Beyond this, though, what does it really mean. Nothing much in the overall meaning of life, but as a way of keeping score it can give you some sense that your work is being seen and appreciated. A low subscriber number (and 300 is high for me, but dramatically low for other YouTubers) or a falling subscriber number can mean something is awry with your channel. Perhaps you are posting enough videos. Perhaps you aren’t posting what people are really interested in. It can be hard to tell sometimes, though Changes at YouTube and search engines online can dramatically effect views and other metrics so even with this scoreboard, you are really just guessing sometimes. That said, I will continue to use my overall subscriber as a gross indicator of how I am doing. There are more detailed stats at YouTube, that let me really dig into what is happening when people visit, but sometimes a good overall number is what you need as a starting point. 

You may have noticed another statistic listed above — a number that boggles my mind. I am rapidly approaching 200,000 views of my videos on YouTube. Yes, this has taken me years to accomplish, not days as with some YouTubers, but it is still an amazing number to my mind. I never would have thought that my videos would attract this amount of attention. Sure, I hoped for this — and more — but achieving it is an entirely different feeling.

Thanks to everyone who watches and subscribes to the channel. It is a bit of an eclectic mix — combining all my topic area such as garden, careers, technology and new media, but YouTube makes it relatively easy to pick and choose which videos you would like to watch.

It is typical for YouTubers to make a special video upon reaching milestones like this and I want to do the same. Towards that end, I am asking you to send   in the questions you have always wanted to ask me. You can ask about any of my topics areas or just something you would like to know about me. I may not answer every question I receive, but I will certainly think about it. My hope to make not just 1 300 Subscriber special, but one special each of the topic areas. This is going to take a lot of questions, though, so please send in yours today!

Thanks again to everyone who subscribes, every one who watches, every one who reads the blogs and listens to the podcasts. Your attention is greatly appreciated and I am flattered that you “invite me into your (digital) home” on a regular basis. Please tell you friends, family and coworkers about all of my work if you think they might be interested. The more the merrier! I hope to see my “scoreboard” continue upwards with each passing day!

You can subscribe, too!



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