TV Worth Watching: A Very British Renaissance – 1. The Renaissance Arrives

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A Very British Renaissance – 1. The Renaissance Arrives

Uk reviews of this 2-part series were less than kind, but I found it fascinating. I a very familiar with the Italian Renaissance — as are most — but the state if Britain in the Renaissance is definitely a blanks spot for me. While I recognized a few names like Han Holbein, most of the people highlighted here are new to me. I have a great love for books and documentaries that focus on particular, defined pieces of history. I love going deeper into the specifics as most shows try to cover as much as possible and leave you with nothing more than a grand overview

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From the BBC web site…

When most people think of the Renaissance, they don’t think of England – they think of Italy, and the talent and exuberance of Leonardo and Michelangelo creating glorious works of art.

Now, in a new series for BBC Two, Dr James Fox looks back at a forgotten British Renaissance, celebrating an age that saw Britain shed its medieval shackles and embrace a world of cutting-edge art, literature, architecture and science.

Across three episodes, James reveals the painters, sculptors, poets, thinkers and figures who, he argues, brought a bold and beautiful artistic movement to our shores between the 1500s to the start of the English civil war.

In the opening episode, James explores how the Renaissance arrived, with a handful of influential European artists bringing ideas from the continent in the early 16th century – from the inspiration of Torrigiano, who fled Florence after a fist fight with Michelangelo, to Holbein and his influence on painter John Bettes – thought to be the first English Renaissance-trained artist. Although impossible without this foreign stimulus, this renaissance quickly became quintessentially British – and it was gaining momentum.

A Very British Renaissance Episode 1


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