Working for a living – End of the Day for January 27, 2014

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I know it does’t sound like a big deal, but I applied for job today. Now, granted, it wasn’t a typical 9 to 5, drive to the office, sit in a cubicle type of a job, but a job nonetheless. The job was announced nationally on the site of new, but successful, startup, so they will probably be inundated with submissions, but it felt good to see a job — in my newly chosen field of new media/social media — that I felt qualified for and interested in. It is a simple fact that abandoning one way of work in search of another, unsure direction in your career can be quite frightening. See jobs like this make me feel like there is a place for me and my skills somewhere. Even better, working remotely would still allow me some time to pursue my own areas of interest like the podcasts, videos and blogging. It is a bit of “the best of both worlds.”

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I have had no desire to enter back into a traditional office job, although one where I could pursue my new career goals might be enough to draw me back. The energy and engagement of the work would could more than make up the inconvenience of commuting and such, but I am perfectly fine with working from my home office, too. I think the track record of my long-running columns and podcasts show that I am very good at managing myself and my time. It is great to have such demonstrable examples of my work. Much like when someone is thinking of having me in to speak to their group, they need not wonder what my presentation style or content is. They can simply watch videos of my previous talks and get a very clear idea. This is yet another reason why I take the time and energy to capture and share that content. It makes any “sales” much easier when people can see what they are getting.

So, wish me luck. It would be interesting to hear from the company as I am a big user of their software/service and it plays an integral part in my day-to-day workflow, so I have a deeper interest in them beyond just the new media/social media angle. It is often what I describe to readers and listeners to my podcast. If you can find a job that interests you in several different ways, it increases your chance of success and enjoyment in the job.

Seeing this job also gives me hope that there are other places out there that could make great use of my skills and knowledge. I just have to keep looking for them.


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