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Food: Champagne Info #8: Champagne-Liqueur Cocktails

December 30th, 2013

It is almost New Year’s Eve and champagne (or other sparkling wine) will be on the menu. Why not learn a bit more about this bubbly concoction and increase your enjoyment of it?

Today, in honor of this amazing beverage, I present Champagne Info!

#8: Champagne-Liqueur Cocktails

One way to dress up a mid-low range Sparkling Wine, or just create a great tasting cocktail is to add a little liqueur to a flute of champagne. I make my own limoncello each year which makes a great lemon-drop style cocktail, but in the past I have also used my friend’s cranberry liqueur, pistachio liqueur from Sicily and even commercial liqueurs like Chambord (raspberry), Frangelico (hazelnut), Amaretto, and Midori (melon).

I think it would be a great party idea to have a wide selection of liqueurs, some mid-range champagne and have an evening-iong (heck, day-long) tasting party with the various combinations. Have each person bring a bottle of champagne and 1 liqueur to share.

Typical quantities are usually 1 shot of liqueur to a flute of champagne. Adjust amounts for smaller glasses, especially it you are having a tasting.

For more information on liqueurs, here is some additional reading:

Here is my video on making your own Limoncello (although the recipe works for pretty much any liqueur)

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