TV Worth Watching: All Creatures Great and Small (BBC) 1978-1990

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All Creatures Great and Small

We recently subscribed to Netflix for the first time and one way we tend to use it is to re-visit older series that we have enjoyed in the past. One such series is All Creature Great and Small which aired on the BBC from 1978-1990.  The show is a dramatization of the original stories by James Herriot in the book of the same name and its sequels.

All creatures

The gentleness of the the stories and characters has always attracted us to the show as well as the original books and I would highly recommend you check out the series either via Netflix or versions found on YouTube.

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“James Herriot is a vet in Yorkshire, England, during the 1940’s. He is assigned to the practice of Siegfried Farnon, who (together with his mischievous brother Tristan) already have a successful business. James undergoes a variety of adventures during his work, which are just as often caused by the characters of the county (including the Farnon brothers) as the animals in his care.”


All Creatures Great & Small S1E1 Horse Sense

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