TV Worth Watching: Poirot

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TV Worth Watching: Poirot

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I have been watching Poirot since its launch in 1988 and have loved David Suchet’s portrayal of the “fussy, little Belgian detective.” The series has consistently drawn me back again and again over the years. I have found Suchet’s portrayal to be excellent and enjoyable in every way. He is exactly what I think of when I read the original Poirot stories.

Today’s post in TV Worth Watching is driven by this article from the Los Angeles Time detailing the final series of Poirot, which marks Suchet’s recording of the entire Poirot canon of stories. 

David Suchet bids farewell to Agatha Christie’s Poirot

David Suchet, who has played Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot on TV for the last 25 years, completes his run — and the character’s canon.

GALMPTON, England — The final push to the top of his personal Everest consisted of about 50 dainty steps, in the precise and idiosyncratic gait he has perfected over 25 years.

David Suchet paced up to the door of the house, glanced around, gave a tip of his hat and the ghost of a smile, and disappeared inside. When the cameras stopped rolling, he emerged and raised his arms in triumph as a crew member called a wrap on one of the most remarkable achievements in recent British television history.

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Of course, the best thing about television and movies is that, barring any great disasters, we will always have our favorite shows to revisit through the years. In fact, I have recently been watching some older Poirot episodes since the current series has been a long time coming.

You can watch Poirot on PBS in the US and it is also available on many video on demand services (see links below)

Complete first episode from this final season of Poirot

More information on Poirot :

 Where to watch Poirot:
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