Food: Champagne Info #7: Cava – A Spanish Sparkling Wine

It is almost New Year’s Eve and champagne (or other sparkling wine) will be on the menu. Why not learn a bit more about this bubbly concoction and increase your enjoyment of it?

Today, in honor of this amazing beverage, I present Champagne Info!

Cava glass

 #7: Cava – A Spanish Sparkling Wine

I discovered Spanish Sparkling Wines in college. They were less expensive than Champagne, but tasted just as good. Cava is named after the caves where it is traditionally made and uses the same Methode Champenoise process used to make Champagne in France.  Freixenet is a cava producer I regularly see on shelves here in California.

Cava from

Freixenet Web Site

Cava from Wikipedia 


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Photo: Cava Glass from Flickr User Hector Garcia

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