Food: Champagne Info #3: Methode Champenoise #kitchenparty

It is almost New Year’s Eve and champagne (or other sparkling wine) will be on the menu. Why not learn a bit more about this bubbly concoction and increase your enjoyment of it?

Today, in honor of this amazing beverage, I present Champagne Info!

#3 Méthode Champenoise

How do they make Champagne? Simple, a process called Méthode Champenoise. In this way they first make a good white wine, then using a bit more yeast and bit more sugar, they cause a sec on fermentation in the bottle to create the famous bubbles. You can use a similar method to make homemade ginger beer and fizzy hard cider, too. Here is some more information on Méthode Champenoise and how it is properly done.

What is Méthode Champenoise? from

Sparking Wine Production from Wikipedia


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