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Food: Slow Cooker Indian Spiced Lentils

November 10th, 2012

After learning how to make a curry a few months ago (Ok, Ok, I know any true Indian would probably find it hopelessly American) I have been on the lookout for more Indian dishes I can fit into my, somewhat fussy, food preferences. This lentil recipe caught my eye the other day and I think I will be making it fairly soon.

Oddly enough, I discovered I liked lentils via the Sicilian relatives. In Sicily, lentils (lenticchi) are a traditional food for New Year’s Eve (La Festa di San Silvestro) and New Year’s Day (Capo D’Anno). Italians love metaphor and the little discs of lentil are seen as little coins. Supposedly, the lentils you eat will correspond to prosperity in the New Year, so it is required that everyone have at least a small taste.

That said, whether the recipe I use is Italian or India, lentils are slowly making a way into our regular food progressions.


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