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Q & A With Nadia G of Bitchin Kitchen


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This week on Kitchen Party..  Q & A with Nadia G, Host of the Cooking Channel’sBitchin’ Kitchen. From a web series to cookbooks and then a popular cable food show, we’ll hear from Nadia about how she did it.

WATCH  SHOW: To watch the show, we’ll post the video above the day of the show (around an hour before the show goes live). You’ll simply click on the video at 5pm PDT or 8pm EDT. Or you can watch on our google+ account. Follow our google+ account and RSVP to our event to get a reminder when the show goes live!

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THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Nadia G, Host and Author, Bitchin Kitchen  

THIS WEEK’S COOKBOOK: Calling all halloween recipes! Submit your favorite Halloween recipes for a chance to be included in our community cookbook:


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