Food: Making Hard Cider from Cold Antler Farm

Jenna over at the Cold Antler Farm blog writes about all sorts of homesteading projects, like hauling wood with her draft horse, raising sheep and other animals and teaching others about all these things with her Antlerstock Homesteading Conferences (my term) held a the farm itself.

Today, she gives us a run down on how she make hard cider. This is a bit more complicated than my version, but I just might give it a try.

(See Hard cider project is fermenting for my older blog post and 2 short videos)

Her cider is more potent, do to the addition of extra honey to ferment into alcohol.

Read the entire post on the Cold Antler Farm blog.

Cider coldantlerMake A Small Batch of Hard Cider! from coldantlerfarm by Jenna

Every year my friends and I gather to hand press gallons of fresh apple cider at our good friend Dave’s home in Vermont. Sadly, this year a late spring frost ruined our apple harvest and few if any local apples were around in the wild or at orchards to forage or pick. Which meant no hard cider, the real reason we all get together to crush and press.

But today I decided no late frost was ruining my favorite Yuletide drink. I decided to just buy some fresh-pressed cider at Saratoga Apple, get a small fifty-cent package of champagne yeast at my local Zymurgist, and make my own small batch.

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