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Christmas in August? My cookbook passes 500 downloads

August 14th, 2012

I just noticed today that my cookbook, Sharing Christmas with Friends, passed 500 downloads. It is great to see such interest in it and I hope everyone who downloaded it puts it to great use this holiday season.

Maybe the recent increase in downloads is due to the hot summer weather we are all experiencing throughout most of the US. I know here in sunny SoCal the days have been at or near 100 degrees every day for the last week. That type of heat can have you dreaming of a White Christmas, for sure.

Cookbook cafe

Cookbook Cafe allows anyone to produce a personal, organizational or fund-raising cookbook and deliver it directly via the iPad. I was asked to create one of the first cookbooks for the app and it is now available in the store (and its FREE!)

You can also access the cookbook directly from the web site.

Sharing Christmas with Friends includes some of my cookie recipes, but also the recipe for my Super Secret Christmas Chili!

If you ever wanted this recipe, this might be the easiest way to get it. Please check out the app on your iPad and give it a review and rating in the iTunes store. This will help spread the word!


Here are some screenshots of my cookbook in the iPad App. Thanks to Ric of his help in grabbing these!

Can’t see the slide show – Click here to watch it on Flickr

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