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Archive for April, 2012

CareerCampLA is just 14 days away! – Helping to Build the Career You Deserve!

April 5th, 2012 Comments off

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I would like to personally invite you to CareerCampLA 2012 which is happening Friday, April 20, 2012 at LA Southwest College.

CareerCamp is a community organized, career-focused, unconference which calls upon local communities and people to share their knowledge, expertise and other important information on developing yourself and your career.

This will be our 3rd CareerCampLA and our 6th CareerCamp overall. You can find photos, video and audio from previous events on the CareerCampLA web site which can give you a small feeling of what the experience is like.

For more information on CareerCamp and a short explanation of unconferences in general, you can visit the CareerCampLA Wesbite at

For Recruiters and Employers:

I recently wrote a short blog post on “Why employers and recruiters should attend a CareerCamp event?” to specifically address some comments I received at the DoL event. I think there are significant advantages  for employers and recruiters to meet motivated job candidates in this casual and positive environment.

You can read this blog post at:

If CareerCamp sounds interesting and useful to you, please share this information with your organization and clients. I have attached a CareerCampLA flyer, in PDF format, to this email.

CareerCampLA 2012 is only 14 days away. CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) is scheduled for July 14, 2012 and we will be setting a date and location for CareerCampSFV (San Fernando Valley) as soon as we can.

For information on future events, please subscribe to our mailing lists:
CareerCamp International (for information on all CareerCamps)

If you have any questions about CareerCamp, please feel free to email ( or call me at 818-804-5049.

Thank you for your time and attention! I look forward to seeing you at a future CareerCamp!


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How to use a paper journal effectively – my first Snapguide

April 4th, 2012 Comments off

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to play around with a new iPhone App for It allows you to quickly and easily create guides about anything you wish. In my case, I did a quick guide about how I use the paper journal I always carry with me. You can include video, pictures and text to build your guide.

You can view this Snapguide using the iPhone app or directly from the web site.

Snapguide journal

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Any way you use a journal is the “write” way

April 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Even with all my technology, I still carry a paper journal. I don’t “journal” in the traditional sense, but use it to capture thoughts and ideas when I am on the go. I still find that easier than typing into my computer or iphone when I am out of the office.

Even more, I recommend that everyone have some way of capturing their ideas. Too many ideas are lost simply because they are not captured when they first appear. You never know how useful an idea might be in the future.

It is important to remember that any way you use a journal is the right way. Don’t let anyone tell you have you to do it this way to that way or you are somehow “doing it wrong.” Your journal is yours and you should use it in a way that makes it useful to you. Make lists, draw, paint, have a conversation with yourself, whatever you need. I do a combination of all of these and more.

Here is a picture of my current journal, along with the next one in line, a cool Lego-themed Moleskine.

Journals old and new

This post inspired by…

Become a Better Person by Keeping a Journal

Life comes and goes quickly. One day you are young, vibrant, and “taking charge” and then all of the sudden your are waking up, going through the motions and putting your time in. As your life passes you by, your experiences are some of the most important things you have to show for it.

Rather than let your life pass as a stream of experiences that you won’t remember later or never stop to process their meaning, keep a journal to become a better person.

Read the entire article from


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Read Amazon Kindle Books in your Web Browser

April 2nd, 2012 Comments off

I just happened to see that you can now read Amazon Kindle books right in your web browser — no software download or install needed. This makes it even more convenient for people to buy and read my eBooks. You can still download the Amazon Kindle Reader software for your computer, iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone or tablet, but if you just want a quick diversion — perhaps you are using someone else’s computer (or a public access terminal at your local library) — you can easily access the books you won directly from the cloud.

Read amazon web


Find Amazon Kindle Books by Douglas E. Welch

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2nd Quarter Begins – Time to check bills for unnecessary/unwanted fees

April 1st, 2012 Comments off

Tw bill

Every quarter I make a point of closely reading each regular bill I receive. I should probably check my bills closely each and every month, but quarterly is a more realistic goal. If I noticed a bill has changed dramatically, I will deeply inspect it to find out why no matter when it occurs though.

Over time these regular bills can slowly creep up (and sometimes jump up) due to increased fees as well as unneeded or unwanted additions to the bill. Cramming — the unwanted addition of services to telephone bills — is especially common.

“Every quarter I make a point of closely reading each regular bill I receive.

In some cases you will find that the bill has simply increased dramatically over the previous month. This recently happened with my Time Warner Cable bill and it was a significant factor in my decision to turn off the television portions of my cable and retain only the Internet service. In my case a special offer had expired and my bill jumped from around $86 to over $108 in about 3 months. This was entirely too much to pay for the most basic digital cable and Roadrunner Internet service.

Tracking my expenses in Quicken and Quickbooks allows me to easily see bill averages over time, so it is much more obvious when something changes suddenly. There are lots of free and inexpensive financial management tools you can use to help you track your expenses including and GnuCash

If you want to keep your personal finances in check, join me in this quarterly review of all your bills to make sure companies are making off with more of your money than they actually deserve!

Do you have financial hints that can help out your fellow readers? Share them in the comments so that everyone can benefit.


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