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Book: Gutenberg the Geek by Jeff Jarvis

April 30th, 2012

I first saw this as part of Google+ What’s Hot email links Download your copy before offer expires.The free offer has expired, but it was an quick and interesting read. It is quite amazing how the past can predict the future sometimes.

Kindle books are readable on nearly every computer platform using the free Kindle Reader software. You can also now read directly in your web browser.


Who was the original world-changing techno-entrepreneurial innovator? Not Google’s Larry and Sergey. Not Steve Jobs. No, to find the man who made the mold, you’ve got to go back to fifteenth-century Germany to find Johannes Gutenberg. Jarvis portrays the famed inventor as creator of more than just the printing press and the market for Bibles. “Gutenberg,” he argues, “should… be seen as the patron saint of Silicon Valley, for he used technology to create an industry.” Setting Gutenberg’s successes against the real pitfalls he endured, notably his early struggle to amass sufficient capital, Jarvis portrays a bad-boy innovator with a deft, if sometimes heavy hand. He bravely wears his assumptions– for example, the neutrality of technology– on his sleeve, and his lesson for techno-dreamers is straightforward. Read your history, Jarvis insists. “Your goal, geeks, is to be more like Gutenberg.” –Jason Kirk

Download Gutenberg the Geek by Jeff Jarvis (Kindle Edition)

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