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Tip: Freezing pancakes

March 18th, 2012

Whenever we make pancakes, we always have leftovers. We usually freeze these up so they can be popped in the toaster on those mornings when we need a quick breakfast before we run out the door.

The trick with freezing pancakes is to freeze them individually on a half sheet pan before bagging them up for storage. My, rather small, freezer will just fit these pans, so I would guess that would be true of all but the smallest fridges.

If they are touching one another as they freeze, they will weld into one lump that you will never break apart. This isn’t very good for grabbing one or two to heat up in the toaster.

Freeze pancakes

Once they are frozen, you can stack them up and store them in a zip-top bags without worry or putting waxed paper between each one. Then you can easily pull out however many you want whenever you want. Simple, but it really makes life a little bit easier.

* This same trick can be used for fruit, cookies or anything you want to be able to pull out of the freezer individually

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