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Cookie Baking: Day 7: Almost done!

December 6th, 2011

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Coming down to the wire on this year’s cookie baking extravaganza. I baked 3 more varieties today and really only have 2 candies to make to complete my list. One is required, as it is a guest favorite and the other is something new to try, but very easy to make.

Here is the result of today’s hard work!

Green Gables Lemon Biscuits

This is another one of my wife’s favorites and a recipe that they request I make at other times of the year. It is sweet and lemony and perfect with a nice cuppa in the afternoon. We found this is an Anne of Green Gables cookbook years ago and have made it every year since.

Green Gables Lemon Biscuits

Green Gables Lemon Biscuits Green Gables Lemon Biscuits

Recipe: Green Gables Lemon Bicuits on


Cornmeal Wafers

These cornmeal cookies are quite different from most other Christmas cookies as they are not that sweet and have a toothy crunch instead of being soft and flakey. They are great for dunking in hot coffee or tea. I found this recipe, along with several others, in a Sunset Magazine article from around 2001. Luckily, all the recipes are available on the Sunset web site.

Cornmeal Wafers

Cornmeal Wafers Cornmeal Wafers

Recipe: Cornmeal Wafers from Sunset Magazine


Kiss Cookies

When I was growing uo, a friend’s mother used to make hordes of cookies for Christmas, much as I do now. In fact, I credit her directly for the last 18 years I have had my own cookie party. There house was were I first encountered these cookies and I have loved them ever since. They are a bit hard to store, but their taste more than makes up for that.

Kiss Cookies

Kiss Cookies Kiss Cookies

Recipe: Kiss Cookies (Peanut Butter Blossoms) from Hershey’s


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