#Trust30 Day 21: Trust in yourself

I preach this message all the time, whether it is part of my career work, new media or life in general. No one cares as much about your career, your life, your art than you do. No one ever can. Still, there are those who will act as if they know better. Some will try to force you to see things their way. Some may withhold love, money, sex to prove it to you. Through it all, you need to remember that you are your own person. You are a unique human being. Sure, there are things we can agree on, but there will always be differences — large and small — between us.

If someone is pressuring you, in any way, look to the real reason behind their pressure. Is it more about you or more about their wants, needs and desires. Too often we are more worried about making others change than changing ourselves.

#Trust30 is an online initiative and 30-day writing challenge that encourages you to look within and trust yourself. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your now, and to create direction for your future. 30 prompts from inspiring thought-leaders will guide you on your writing.

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