My new custom made arrows!

Update (April 28, 2011): I am happy to report that the arrows fly beautifully. They are probably better than my current skill level can actually utilize, but I hope to grow into them over the next several months. I spent almost 2 hours today shooting from all different distances and look forward to shooting them a lot more. This weekend is my first SCA tournament, (Robin Hood Archery, Rapier, and Thrown Weapons Tournament) and my son, Joe’s second. I hope these arrows “up my game” and help me do well. I don’t see how they can fail in that regard.

Custom Made Arrows, originally uploaded by dewelch.

I picked up my new custom made arrows from Guy Taylor as I returned from Easter Dinner in Orange County. All I can say is, “WOW!”

These were made by Guy Taylor/Greenman Archery in Anaheim, California on recommendation from some fellow SCA members. Click the link above for more information on Guy and his work.

Guy was great at leading me, a true archery novice, through all the options on custom made arrows including length, weight, type of bow I was using, left-handed vs. right-handed, and aesthetic considerations like color, shape of fletching, etc.

I think these turned out beautifully and can’t wait to get out and shoot them. I have a practice on Wednesday night and then my first SCA tournament, along with my son, Joe, on Saturday.

I went with purple and black for a variety of reasons. One, I wanted to choose a color that other archers didn’t have, to make it easier for scoring. I always like the combination of purple and black so that idea just jumped to mind.

I’ll post more info here once I have had a chance to put the arrows through their paces. Based on the experience of those who recommended Guy, though, I am sure I will be very pleased.

Link: Greenman Archery

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