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Home > Food, Question > Quora Answer to What is a good pasta maker for a beginner?

Quora Answer to What is a good pasta maker for a beginner?

February 9th, 2011

We picked up the Imperia SP150 on a closeout sale years ago and have found it to be an excellent machine. It is hand powered and very simple and straightforward to use. I think some people dive into very complicated equipment that also makes extruded pasta and such but are typically disappointed due to the complexity of the machine and the fact that that they often break down due to this complexity. You are probably better off buying extruded pastas rather than trying to make them yourself.

This machine is built like a tank and does what it does very well. It kneads, rolls and cuts a variety of pasta types. In our unit the basic roller unit came alone and the cutter was a separate purchase.

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Imperia SP150 Pasta Machine

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