Food: Christmas Oatmeal Recipe and Video

It’s the holidays again and this year I am remembering to post about my Christmas Morning Oatmeal early, so more of you can take advantage of it. The fact is, I put a reminder in my calendar last Christmas Eve so I didn’t forget.

I make up this batch of overnight oatmeal as the last thing I do on Christmas Eve. Most everyone is long asleep as I add the ingredients to the slow cooker, including left over cream, half-n-half, dried fruit and whatever other tasty treats have come into the house over the holidays. This makes it a little different each year, bit always good and always special.

With a kid in the house, having to wait until breakfast is made could make them burst with excitement and anticipation, so this oatmeal allows us to get up, grab a bowl and some coffee and move right on to opening presents. I think this is a perfect compromise — we get some food and the boy gets to move on with the festivities. As hard as it is for me to believe it, the boy is now 12, but he inherited his morning personality from his mother, so while it might be a little later start, wakeup will still be pretty early.

This short video was shot by aforementioned “boy”, so it is a little rocky at times, but it gives you all the information your need and a little glimpse of our holiday in progress.

You can find a complete and printable recipe on – Christmas Morning Oatmeal

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