Holiday Cookie Baking Wrap-up

Another Welch Cookie Party has come and gone.

We had a great time visiting with friends and family…some whom we only at this time of year. It was a smaller group this year, but a conversational one. Fewer people means more time talking and less time running around refilling the cookie plates. It also means more leftovers to share when we go visiting others.

Cookie Party Table 2010

My biggest laugh this year was the success of the Strawberry Milk Chipster cookies, made with Strawberry Quik powder. Nearly everyone I mentioned them to thought they would be horrible, but they received more raves than anything else at the party. I thought they would be very successful and I am happy to laugh and say “neener, neener” to the naysayers. (LAUGH)

Cookie Party Table 2010

I thought the Limoncello Pandoro Cake also came out really well. It is so silly to do and will always bring back great memories of our Christmas trip to Sicily about 6 years ago. This is made all the easier to make as we can now easily find a whole collection of Pandoros, imported from Italy at the Claro’s Italian Markets located around the Southland. We hit the store in Arcadia again this year, as we were making a trip to the Inland Empire to see our near-niece Emily in a high school production of “Into the Woods.”

One great addition to this year’s party was an impromptu tasting of several cordials. Myself, my friend Keri and my friend Liam have all gotten into making up these fruit and alcohol infusions. I made my traditional Limoncello, while Keri made Limoncello and a wonderful cranberry liqueur. Liam created a wonderful cranberry/cinnamon drink and an adventurous, but amazing strawberry-banana, too.

Now that our party is over I can settle into the holiday season, enjoying what our friends have to offer. We’ve already 2 invites for New Year’s Eve, so it is off to a good start.

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